Kimyagaran Emrooz Chemical Industries Co.

Kimyagaran Emrooz Chemical Industries Co. is recognized as one of the major leading production enterprises in ethoxylation and propoxylation industry for production of wide variety of chemicals and pharmaceuticals in the Middle East. Our corporation was established in 1995 by private investment. Kimyagaran Emrooz is the result of years of research and development by its experienced experts and professionals, financial and time investment, taking risks and excellent management by its founders.

The company started with the production of pharmaceutical polyethylene glycols (PEGs). Currently, after long-term effort and hard work leading to develop our own know-how and technology, Kimyagaran Emrooz is the leading manufacturer of various ethoxylated and propoxylated products which are consumed in 17 different industrial branches. Research and development is our non-stop program. Therefore, expanding the number and diversity of our products is one of our substantial missions.


Kimyagaran Emrooz Chemical Industries Co